What does that really mean?

It is an alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist known as Mikao Usui. Based on Mikao’s method, the reiki facilitator channels energy into the patient by touch to stimulate the natural healing abilities of the patient’s body to promote relaxation, peacefulness and self-healing. REIKI can be translated as a guided life force energy, ‘REI’ means ‘Higher Power’ and ‘KI’ is ‘life force energy’. Reiki treats the whole person, the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Although Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion.

The Method Of Receiving Reiki Is Very Simple And Straightforward.

The client may lay on a massage table or be seated, even standing if required. The client is fully clothed. The reiki facilitator starts with gently placing his or her hands on or off the client’s body in a series of non-intrusive hand positions beginning at the person’s head or feet. Each hand position is held for approximately a few minutes up to 10 minutes if needed. The reiki session may take between 60 to 90 minutes. There is no massage, pressure or manipulation involved with reiki treatment. Also note, the reiki practitioner doesn’t treat specific symptoms but the whole body. As every person is different, you may experience a feeling of warmth, heat, cold, pins-and-needle tingling, throbbing or even no sensation. As your body and mind starts to relax, it is possible that you may fall asleep. 

When it comes to distant reiki, I move into deep meditation and connect with you on an energetic level. The distance is not a problem. At the end of the session, I tend to contact my clients instantly sharing all the knowledge I received through the energetic connection. I always ask for your permission first. There is no need to worry, reiki works whether you are awake or asleep and whether you feel sensations in your body or not.

"Our Sorrows And Wounds Are Healed Only When We Touch Them With Compassion"


My Clients Said

"Soy Daniel de Rosario Argentina. Tuve un tratamiento de Reiki con Justyna, yo teniendo dolor al levantar el brazo en hombros y la parte del omóplato que al otro día desapareció el dolor por completo que antes no podía sanarlos con cremas analgésicos y masajes no daban resultados después ella sintió que tenía que cantar un mantra para mí, en una hora me sentí muy liviano y flexible, ella es muy especial muy mística y agradable eso ayuda al tratamiento también ella da mucho por la persona no puede ver sufrir a alguien esto es mi experiencia con ella al ver como sanaba a distancia o personalmente a otros, ella estuvo dos semana en casa en su paso por este país, en ese tiempo pude ver como es ella y sus dones son impresionantes tuvimos mucha conexión entre nosotros por todo lo que contaba con sus experiencias energéticas, les recomiendo en conocerla tiene mucho potencial es una persona no fácil de encontrar hoy día. También en el yoga tiene muy buenas técnicas para los problemas corporales como posturas flexibilidad corporal etc. No duden en contactarse con ella."​
Daniel Rubulotta


Rosario, Argentina


Brings the feeling of peacefulness, deep relaxation and security.
Relieves side effects and promotes recovery.
It encourages letting go of an accumulation of negative feelings, tension, anxiety and fears to create a brighter and more positive outlook in everyday life at the end of the treatment.
Balancing mind and emotions.



*Please note the treatment doesn’t cause harm whatsoever. However, you should always consult your doctor when it comes to your health, or before you start any treatment.
**I am not trained in diagnosis therefore I am unable to forecast any particular outcome from the given treatment.


$15 ONLY for
30 minutes REIKI
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