What does that really mean?

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Reiki is an alternative medicine developed in 1922 by the Japanese Buddhist-Mikao Usui. Based on Mikao’s method, the reiki facilitator channels energy into the patient by touch. As a result, stimulates the natural healing abilities of the patient’s body. This technique aims to promote peacefulness and self-healing. 

We can translate REIKI as a guided life force energy. ‘REI’ means ‘Higher Power’ and ‘KI’ is ‘life force energy’. To clarify, Reiki treats the whole person. The body, emotions, mind and spirit. Although Reiki is spiritual, it is not a religion.

The Method Of Receiving Reiki Is Very Simple.

First, the client may lie on a massage table or be seated, even standing if required. Second, the person is fully clothed. Further, the facilitator starts by placing his or her hands on or off the client’s body. All in a series of non-intrusive hand positions. Beginning at the person’s head or feet

Therefore, each hand position is held for a few minutes up to 10 minutes if needed. The reiki session may take between 60 to 90 minutes. There is no massage, pressure, or manipulation during treatment. The reiki practitioner doesn’t treat specific symptoms but the entire body. Meanwhile, as every person is different, you may experience a feeling of warmth and heat. Cold, pin-and-needle tingling, throbbing or even no sensation. As your body relaxes, it is possible that you may fall asleep. 

With distant reiki, I move into deep meditation during the session. Connect with you on an energetic level. The distance is not a problem. At the end of the session, I contact my clients instantly. In addition, share all the knowledge I received through the energetic connection. Above all, I always ask for your permission first. 

To clarify, there is no need to worry. Reiki works whether you are awake or asleep, for example. Whether you feel sensations in your body.

"Our Sorrows And Wounds Are Healed Only When We Touch Them With Compassion"


My Reiki Clients Said

I had a Reiki treatment with Justyna. For years, I had pain when lifting my arm in my shoulders and the upper part of the right shoulder blade. The next day, the pain disappeared completely. Prior to the treatment, I tried creams and massages which did not ease my pain. She is very special, very mystical and pleasant. I recommend you to meet her. She has a lot of potential. Justyna is a person difficult to find nowadays.
Daniel Rubulotta


Rosario, Argentina

Benefits of Reiki

First, brings the feeling of peacefulness and deep relaxation.

As a result, relieves side effects and promotes recovery.

Encourages to let go of negative feelings, anxiety and fears. Creates a brighter outlook at the end of the treatment.

Therefore, balances the mind and emotions.

Reiki Contraindications


*Please note the treatment doesn’t cause harm. However, always consult your doctor before you start any treatment.

**To clarify, I am not trained in diagnosis. I cannot forecast any outcome from the treatment.


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30 minutes REIKI

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