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Guided relaxation aims to promote a state of relaxed awareness and the feeling of rejuvenation. Therefore, allowing the mind to SLOW DOWN. The meditation process is straightforward and available to anyone.

Simply make yourself comfortable. You can sit upright or lie down. Use extra support and a blanket as the temperature drops. Make sure the environment is free of clutter and any unnecessary noise. Close your eyes if you wish to and focus on your breath. That’s your sacred time. I will guide you with the rest.



Why wait then?

Remember, relaxation isn't meditation

1-2-1 Private Guided Meditation Sessions

Meditation is an ability to look within when one turns into a silent and detached observer of the mind away from stimulating desires, thoughts, emotions and pains. When one can focus inwardly to calm the mind to reach the state of oneness and bliss and to be aware of the consciousness, that is an own experience of meditation.

I carefully customise the meditations according to your needs. Remember, meditation differs significantly from relaxation structure. Whilst one relaxes in relation, the opposite happens in meditation. We aim to concentrate and bring attention to the breath with the help of visual techniques and/or mantras whilst sitting upright to avoid the temptation to fall asleep. As we train muscles at the gym or yoga classes, here we train the mind to be focussed and concentrated. All taught in a safe environment. Available at the comfort of your own home via Skype or Zoom! Times are to be arranged.

Contact us directly if you have further questions.

"Whenever You Step Out Of The Noise Of Thinking, That Is Meditation, And A Different State Of Consciousness Arises"

Eckhart Tolle


Firstly, increases energy levels and releases endorphins. In other words, improves mood and helps with anxiety.

For example, improves concentration and lengthens attention span.

Reduces stress and promotes emotional health.

Lastly, increases oxygen uptake. Calms the mind and release tension in the body.

*Always consult your doctor before you start any treatment if in doubt.


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